so accurate it hurts


Recently, stress of college deadlines, expectations and high hopes of parents for university aspirations have become heavy and difficult to fathom completely. Therefore, I feel as a young adult of modern day society, it can often be difficult to talk to loved ones about how you’re genuinely feeling without feeling like your opinions are insignificant and have issues which can often be easily over looked. This buzz feed article gives a fantastic insight into the issues in misunderstandings and miscommunication that one may have with loved ones when trying to explain personal issues. I feel as though this is a problematic area which we face in society today and is an issue which needs to be addressed further. Don’t be afraid to speak about how you’re feeling despite it being difficult initially. Trust me it’ll help tremendously on the road to discovery in finding new ways in dealing with issues and finding solutions. You’re not alone and people will be happy to listen 🙂


introducing moi

Hello there!

So I’m kinda new to this whole blogging thing..I mean that is if you don’t count my Tumblr that I have now had for nearly 4 years(some may say obsession but I say dedication). Anyway, I thought it would be quite interesting to start a new blog and base it around my likes/dislikes/past-times etc. and aim to find something interesting out of a not so overwhelmingly talented person and hope that I could relate to others if that’s entirely possible.

I’m aiming to develop my own interests through this blog in the hope that I may acquire a little bit of English skills along the way, especially for the English degree I am hoping to study in uni..(no harm in trying I guess??)

Wish me luck..